Artificial Genesis-Darkness-Darkness 6.403.06.16 06:13:43Artificial GenesisDarkness (The Shadow Mix by
Random_shooting_artificial.mp3 4.802.07.01 09:30:200:26:42 24M22
Artificial Genesis-Consumer Electron 04:12:32Artificial GenesisTNT0Consumer
Swamp_Dogg_-_Artificial_Insemination 4.4Swamp DoggArtificial Insemination0:04:39128S44
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 2.703.06.06 04:03:47Artificial GenesisMayday0Vivisection For
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 03:18:27Artificial GenesisHard New Beats (Beat By Beat M2003Execution Paradise (Single)
02 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 14:50:30Brown PeopleUnder the Rug2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:02:13128S44
03 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 1.701.02.12 14:52:30Brown PeopleUnderwater World2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:01:48128S44
13 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
Rarities10 - Vol. 1 - Cruise, Julie 3.600.03.02 18:58:58Cruise, JulieArtificial World (Interdimensi2000Rarities - Vol. 1Made with RealJukebo0:05:08 96S44
Artificial Genesis-Consumer Electron 4.503.05.30 04:51:18Artificial GenesisSatan Online0Consumer
Turn_Down_Tomorrow_-_The_Complex_Pro 3.3Turn Down TomorrowThe Complex Process Of ArtificThe Fault That Only Passes Once0D01D5020:03:28128S44
Artificial Genesis-Consumer Electron 5.603.05.30 01:47:37Artificial GenesisGenesis (Redux)2001Consumer
Artificial_memory_trace-various_dime 0.902.12.23 07:40:130:01:00128S44
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 03:57:44Artificial GenesisFix0Vivisection For
09 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
06 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
Artificial_teeth-slow_motion.mp3 6.702.06.04 15:46:540:07:02128S44
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 4.503.05.28 03:11:52Artificial GenesisExecution Paradise (Reconstruc2003Execution Paradise (Single)
10 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
03_artificial_reality.mp3 3.903.04.01 14:20:39Tangent Precipitateartificial reality2001elevated states of consciousness0:04:07128S44
Rainer_maria_artificial_light.mp3 4.402.02.05 02:31:54artistrainer_maria_artificial_lighttitle0:03:41160S44
01 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
11 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
10 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 2.301.02.12 15:11:29Brown PeopleBlue Velvet Slumber2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:02:25128S44
Nexus 6 - Artificial Stupidity.mp3 5.403.06.18 14:12:460:05:40128S44
Artificial_teeth-ton_esperance_revie 6.702.06.04 15:47:230:07:00128S44
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 4.403.06.06 03:30:32Artificial GenesisAirship0Vivisection For
Barf02blastingallrottenfuckers09arti 23:38:20B.A.R.F.Artificial Peace1990Blasting All Rotten Fuckers0:01:04128S44
6FS_artificial-lite.mp310.003.09.23 02:05:56
Artific.mp3 1.801.11.01 13:11:26PEARLS FOR PIGSArtificial1999Greatest Hits Vol.:3
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 0.803.06.06 04:08:17Artificial GenesisJourney Through Sound0Vivisection For
02 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
11 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 1.601.02.12 15:13:23Brown PeopleChocolate River2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:01:42128S44
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 3.803.06.06 04:05:46Artificial GenesisHard New Beats0Vivisection For
Sermon 9-14-03 No Artificial Image F 1.803.09.17 14:16:31ArtistSermon 9-14-03 No Artificial IAlbum0:13:39 18M11
Artificial Genesis-Consumer Electron 02:02:12Artificial GenesisConsumer Electronics0Consumer
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 03:39:04Artificial GenesisMetamorphic (Binary Transmissi2003Remixing For
DJ_W_-_w_goes_intelligence_artificia 5.3DJ Ww goes intelligence artificial0:05:36128S44
Artificial Genesis-Darkness-Firewave 06:00:32Artificial
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 4.703.06.06 04:00:53Artificial GenesisVivisection For Dummies0Vivisection For
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 03:42:02Artificial GenesisSexy Freak0Vivisection For
Artificial Genesis-None-Low Frequenc 7.903.05.28 08:35:40Artificial GenesisLow Frequency Occupation -
Swamp_Dogg_-_Artificial_Insemination 4.4Swamp DoggArtificial Insemination0:04:39128S44
Artificial_teeth-parttime_hell.mp3 15:45:000:06:18128S44
D`n`B_feat_VaMPiRe-_Artificial_Intel 5.403.06.09 08:15:51HeaDPnoneSArtificial Inteligence2003Canabiol_Brutal Drum&bass0:03:49192S44
Artificial Genesis-Darkness-Netmix.m 3.303.06.16 06:07:12Artificial
04_artificial-lifeforms(black_fish_r 12:08:10xenotonartificial lifeforms (black fi2003alternative lifeformsremix von max lopp a.k.a. black
08 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
Artificial Genesis-Darkness (EP)-Mec 4.703.02.28 06:39:45Artificial GenesisMechanical Voodoo2001Darkness (EP)
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 4.503.05.28 03:33:09Artificial GenesisHallelujah (Electrohed Remix)2003Remixing For
04 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 14:55:02Brown People3rd Stone from Grand Prairie2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:02:17128S44
Artificial-ingredients-written-and-c 0.802.09.27 06:12:360:01:58 56M44
05 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 14:57:34Brown PeopleYukon Eyes2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:02:13128S44
Star-people-artificial-ingredients-p 06:14:330:02:29 56M44
Once_More_Inside_The_Skin.mp3 08:50:59Keanu XenakisOnce More Inside of the Skin2002No. 1: The Artificial Dog0:01:18128S44
Lights.mp3 1.702.11.20 17:52:33Arlene FaithArtificial LightsHeart's Desire0:01:47128S44
Cvalda_ArtificialLife192.mp3 05:27:09Bj rkCvalda (Artificial Life Mix)2001remixed by Feisar
Barf02blastingallrottenfuckers09arti 23:38:20B.A.R.F.Artificial Peace1990Blasting All Rotten Fuckers0:01:04128S44
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 5.703.06.06 03:45:51Artificial GenesisExecution Paradise0Vivisection For
35_staircases_unfolded.mp3 5.602.09.04 08:31:57Keanu XenakisThirty-Five Staircases, Unfold2002No. 1: The Artificial Dog0:05:51128S44
05 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
Artificial Genesis-Nightmare Factory 10:39:15Artificial GenesisWater2000Nightmare
Artificial Genesis-Natural Selection 03:10:11Artificial GenesisUnion Under Fire0Natural Selections: Volume
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 7.803.05.28 03:05:43Artificial GenesisMayhem (Remix)2003Remixing For
06 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 15:00:13Brown PeopleChristmas on the Prairie2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:02:23128S44
Artificial Genesis-Darkness-Metamorp10.903.06.05 03:58:13Artificial
J.P._Taylor_-_Artificial_World.mp3 20:18:58J.P. TaylorArtificial WorldThe Eyes of the World0:04:25128S44
Plastic_Is_Adventurous.mp3 4.602.09.04 09:06:34Keanu XenakisPlastic Is Adventurous2002No. 1: The Artificial Dog0:04:51128S44
Acid_Junkies_-_Artificial_Of_Course. 4.8Acid JunkiesArtificial Of Course0:05:05128S44
12 - Brown People - Artificial Plant
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 03:52:49Artificial GenesisCryogenic Toxicology0Vivisection For
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 03:41:42Artificial GenesisFix (Broken Mix)2003Remixing For
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 5.303.05.28 03:28:23Artificial GenesisExecution Paradise (Tribal Mix2003Execution Paradise (Single)
Artificial Genesis-Consumer Electron 4.503.05.30 01:40:20Artificial GenesisHallelujah2001Consumer
The_Fourth_Reich_Is_Steve.mp3 4.802.09.04 09:25:14Keanu XenakisThe Fourth Reich is Steve2002No. 1: The Artificial Dog0:05:01128S44
26_bender.mp3 17:45:32Gretchen Bender"Artificial Treatment" 1988Audio By Visual Artists, TELLUS0:05:35 96M44
Artificial_teeth-fog_of_death.mp3 6.602.06.04 15:45:570:06:56128S44
07 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 15:01:40Brown PeopleSilent Night2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:01:17128S44
Artificial_horizon.mp3 2.603.01.30 01:21:340:04:22 80M44
01 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 3.601.02.12 14:48:04Brown PeopleObsession2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:03:45128S44
09 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 2.301.02.12 15:08:50Brown PeopleCity Fly2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:02:24128S44
Sasha - Motorola (Original Mix).mp311.003.10.21 17:21:04SashaMotorola (Original Mix)2003Artificial Heart VinylUTE - fine electronic music0:26:12 56S22
Ae.mp3 12:39:45Bizarre TV ProgramThe Artificial East1998DECADENCE0:01:15128M44
Artificial Genesis-Consumer Electron 4.603.05.30 04:06:46Artificial GenesisThe Cosmic Attack0Consumer
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 4.603.06.06 03:36:39Artificial GenesisDeath Is the Only Way Out0Vivisection For
Artificial Genesis-Vivisection For D 03:33:12Artificial GenesisResurrected0Vivisection For
Hemogoblin.mp3 3.902.09.04 08:44:42Keanu XenakisHemogoblin2002No. 1: The Artificial Dog0:04:04128S44
08 - Brown People - Artificial Plant 3.901.02.12 15:06:11Brown PeopleCome all Ye Faithful2000Artificial Plant Conservatoryrecorded by chris br0:04:07128S44
Johnny_B-StyleZ_-_ARTIFICIAL.mp3?SID 3.300.06.16 02:52:470:03:30128S44
Artificial Genesis-Darkness (EP)-Dar 5.603.02.28 06:35:53Artificial GenesisDarkness (Escape and Evasion M2001Darkness (EP)
Hbr027_MY_FAVORITE_CHORD_artificial_ 1.703.03.23 17:41:200:01:48128S44
Artificial_Tears_mp3.mp3 2.802.12.11 17:01:580:02:55128S44
Mutor-artificial_hip.mp3 6.502.06.01 00:32:09MutorArtificial Hip2000UnreleasedA quick electro piece with a sus0:06:51128S44
Endless_fear-artificial_intelligence 6.501.11.20 18:41:17endless fearartificial intelligence20010:06:52128S44
Artificial Genesis-Remixing For Dumm 4.303.05.28 03:14:28Artificial GenesisMetamorphic (Dance Edit)2003Remixing For
Artificial Genesis-Nightmare Factory 6.803.06.16 08:55:42Artificial GenesisBroken Time2001Nightmare
Pharaonfighting_artificial.mp3 2.802.07.01 11:22:44The Artificialpharaonfighting2001http://www.micromusic.net0:02:59128S44
ARTificial_-_Luminous_Lullaby_--Outr 0.602.07.26 11:23:41ARTificialLuminous Lullaby1998Pulsewave Records

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